Seventh offense is to commit sinful activities on the strength of the Holy Name.
Yes to commit sinful activities and then think:
‘Yes but I am chanting so that will fix it.’
No, then you think this chanting is a mechanical process, but it’s not. It’s Krishna who is taking away the impurities – so Krishna doesn’t like it obviously if on one hand you are committing sinful activities and on the other hand we come to Him with lots of praying.

‘Not interested in your prayer, no thanks, you can pray as much as you like – For you no mercy’
Krishna is a person. If someone was to treat us like that:
‘Oh, you are so nice, you are so nice’ Meanwhile behind our backs do all kinds of things. We will not be kind to someone like that. Krishna also.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 03/2010)

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  1. Anonymous on

    This is very inspirational and the truth. We should continously think of Krishna whilst chanting and whilst carrying out our material duties. This way our love for him will grow!!

    Hina Mataji