We meet him in everything he left. We meet him in his devotees, we meet him in his books, we meet him in his instructions and so on. We can meet Prabhupada today, but the essence of that meeting is that we understand that Prabhupada made Krsna Consciousness possible because Prabhupada was a human being! He was a human being! We are only just beginning to understand that! …

We never thought of that before! Before in the past of ISKCON we thought: You have to be Krsna Conscious, you have to prove it by chanting your rounds, chanting extra rounds, by distributing a lot of books, or by opening many temples, or by sleeping less, by eating less, by performing austerity, by doing dry fasting, ekadasi … in this way, you can show your Krsna Consciousness! But we never thought that being a human being had anything to do with it!

But Prabhupada knew it all along. He was such a human being because his love for Krsna extended to all of us, and Prabhupada in this way was so kind. He was strict, not changing the standard, but yet ready to adjust for an individual, to sort of accommodate him to come along and fit in

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 2006)

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