What the spiritual master wants…
And we’re in the middle of a very dramatic moment, in the middle of the pure devotee part and with great devotion, we offered him a rose. And he says, “Roses? I don’t want roses!”
‘God, what’s going on you know! I just brought all these roses and he’s just rejected the roses!’
And then one has just spent months growing these roses, and one has personally watered these roses with his own tears! These roses, one has watered with the tears of bhakti! These roses, one has sheltered from the rain storm! And then they’re offered to Guru Maharaja and then he rejects our offering…! (Dramatic) Heart is broken!
So it’s not that we are good servants by serving him with what we think is a good offering but we have to learn from him what a good offering is- again and again. And it may be different from what we may think is good. Sometimes it may not be desirable at all from our personal perspective, but yet that is to be done…

(HH Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2005)

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