Dear Devotees
Hare Krishna
All Glories To Srila Prabhupada
The beginning of the blog was 16th January 2008 and today on the the 8th April 2010 we are glad to share with you the news that:
This is the 1000th post on this Blog!
We would like to thank all the devotees who go on the KKS blog and we sincerely hope You all enjoy the Transcendental contents. Please give links to this blog to all Your friends.
If anyone would like to give any feedback, ideas for the future or anything else please email me.
If anyone would like to help with the blog, i.e transcripts, videos and quotes..etc please email me
email adress:

S T A Y T U N E D !
Thank you all once again !
your servants from the KKS BLOG

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