The service to the Supreme Lord is the essence of our relationship. (Sankrit) That relationship of service is beginning here, in this world, in the temple. It is there where we come home to the Lotus Feet of the Lord, and it is there in the temple, that the devotees assemble, and it is there where we begin that eternal service to the Supreme Lord.

That service, Krishna says in the Gita (Sanskrit) that service is of an eternal nature, because whatever service is done to the Lord it is never lost !
NEVER ever lost! It always continues and increases – in our spiritual bank balance. Spiritual bank balance is nice because there is no economical crisis! There is absolutely no inflation! Whatever is invested in the spiritual bank balance is only increasing! Only increasing! MORE AND MORE AND MORE!

Whatever is there it’s not depleted, it increases!
So the nature of seva, the nature of service to the Supreme Lord, is that we begin it in this world and we continue it in the next. That is the nature of service…
The meaning of liberation is service – Eternal Service!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 20/03/2010
Temple opening Newcastle)

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