Well, He is everywhere. All His energy is here, on the table – is His energy, the floor is His energy, the building is His energy, the room is His energy, the stars are His energy, the sun is His energy, the ocean is His energy and so on.

So in one sense we are always connected with Him. But that’s His energy.
He is also present in a personal form as the source of all the energy. And if you want to connect with the Personal Form -then we are doing that through His Name.

The thing is that they say that everything about Him is spiritual- so His Name is also spiritual, and if you repeat the Name, you speak the Name or sing the Name -then His full spiritual presence is there, in the Name.

All His power is there! So that’s why we sing this Mantra, or this song, because all the spiritual energies is within there!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 03/2010)

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