The Business people: ‘Aaah, Yes my Lord PLEASE ! I give you – you give me also! I give you small donation, You make me rich!’
Like that, we see in front of our temples in India, we have the money changers.
In Vrindavan, there they have one paiysa coins – in the shops you can’t use them anymore. The smallest in the shop its 5 paiysa, but the one paiysa coins, they are still being used to throw at the Deities!
We take a rupee, and get a one hundred and one paiysa coins and you throw it on the alter: ’Oh YES I give you one paiysa, now you please, give me one back!’
Yes good business and a pretty high profit margin! Not bad at all!.. Right?!??

So PROFIT, profit, profit is what life is all about! The Ganapachyas they have business mentality in their worship:
‘Oh Ganapati, Oh I LOVE YOU!, yes ….please make me RICH!’

(Kadamba Kanana Swami,Durban, 03/04/2010)

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