(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 03/04/2010)

‘I have to be a rock, and Krishna sits on me all day, and the cowherd boys, they’re jumping around and playing with Him, and I always have to be the rock’, and then ‘What a drag! What a drag you know. Oh boy, Oh boy. Oh yeah, I always miss out’ ….

Is this the spiritual world? Oh it’s the material world. The material world is the world where we all look at each other, and then when we look at each other, we see that one position is better than another, and the grass is always greener on the other side, and thus we are all thinking, ‘Oh what they’ve got, that’s Incredible! How did they get it? We worked so hard, and they hardly do anything! And look they do better than we! I mean, I can’t believe it!’

Yes, you know what I mean. We have, we all have these feelings sometimes. A little bit of envy or jealousy. Yes but that is a MATERIAL WORLD!…..

In the spiritual world! Whatever our, whatever position one attains, it is TOTALLY FULFILLING! It is TOTALLY ECSTACTIC! And therefore to attain a position of a rock: It is wonderful! It’s wonderful! That rock in the spiritual world is constantly, constantly absorbed in the greatest happiness! And just waiting for Krishna to appear!

We see that Govardhana Hill. It is said that Govardhana Hill is made of JEWELS! Many jewels! And that Govardhana Hill manifests a big jewel slab. For Krishna to sit on! So Govardhana Hill tries to manifest an attractive throne so that Krishna could be seated. So Govardhana is the biggest ROCK! And it’s having a wonderful time serving Krishna! By providing coloured dyes, that Krishna uses for decorating the bodies of all the cowherd boys. By giving nice green grasses and fresh streams of water, and satisfying the cows! And by great caves, where Krishna can eat, either with His friends or with the Gopis in seclusion, and in this way Govardhana as a rock is serving Krishna, in so many ways!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 03/04/2010)

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