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Question by Aatish : Regarding connecting everything to Krishna and on the other hand seeing everything as an illusion, I myself try to see through two extremes but I do not know which one is best- because:

I try see everything as an illusion and just try to concentrate on sound vibration during the day as well through my chanting,
And then sometimes I try to connect anything that happens and anything I see to Krishna. I see that they both are too extreme.

Answer by Kadamba Kanana Swami:
Ok, Seeing everything as illusion. The vaishnava sees this material energy as the illusory energy and the impersonalist sees this material energy also as the illusory energy, but they see it in a different way. The impersonalist or mayavadi he sees that this material energy is all illusion and it is all false.
But the devotee sees the material energy is all real but it is the illusory energy because it tends to make you forget Krishna – If you get involved with it, it tends to make you forget Krishna. That is why we call it illusory energy. It tends to make you forget Krishna but it is as real as anything. But it’s temporary, but it’s temporary.
The devotee understands deeper, though – the devotee when seeing anything material he doesn’t need to endevour to connect everything with Krishna, he sees deep (Sanskirt) he sees how everything is connected to Krishna. This is the truth.
The materialist cannot see, he cannot see. He can not see the sun which is above the clouds but The devotee can see. The devotee can see that behind everything is Krishna, thus a devotee by reading and hearing Srimad Bhagavatam gradually develops that vision. By engaging in devotional service gradually we see how Krishna is behind everything, then we can always see Krishna (Sanskrit)
Then when we see things we always see Krishna
Just like when I see, when I see your shoes. Then i know Aatish is here, I see your shoes but actually I see Aatish: ‘Oh Aatish is here.’
No Aatish’s shoes are here- but in mind: ‘No Aatish is here’
Because I see your shoes
So everywhere I see Krishna. I see Krishna’s arrangement. Look at the amazing arrangements of the seasons how Krishna arranged that. Krishna is here just see.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 01/2010)

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