(Kadamba Kanana Swami 27/01/10)

Just as Prabhupada would say that: ‘ I don’t have any disciples’
They asked him: ‘ How many disciples do you have perhaps?’
‘I don’t have any disciples. Krishna sent me many spiritual masters’
He saw disciples as spiritual masters. To see every devotee as one’s spiritual master. How can you see every devotee as your spiritual master?

Every devotee is your spiritual master. How is that possible?
Because everyone has a very unique way of serving Krishna!
Everyone has some specific strength, something extraordinary in the way they serve. And in this way you can learn from everyone!
You can learn a trick or two from anyone or everyone…

So in that way everyone is our spiritual master and if we think like this, and we look at the devotees and then we are discovering people.

Instead of looking at people and thinking, ‘Hmm I know the type, yep hmm I know the type! you know don’t tell me anything about this person- I know everything about the TYPE!’.
Then we have already figured somebody out, before we have even spoken to the person, just the looks of the type: ‘I know the type. I figured this person out!’.

But if we have the attitude that:
‘Everyone is my spiritual master. Everyone has some unique quality’

Then we are discovering the person- to see where is it? Discover the unique wonderful qualities in a Vaisnava, or how that Vaisnava serves Krishna.
In that way one can genuinely:
see everyone as a spiritual master.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 27/01/10)

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  1. Anonymous on

    I love this!! Krishna has unlimited qualities and we can see this if we develop this way of seeing everyone in relation to krishna. It really cant be that hard, and I am all for learning many new and wonderful ways in serving Sri Krisna, plus it is very effective in avoiding those nasty vaisnava apararadha's… In times of distrurbance and conflict it is much easier to tolerate others if we simply focus on seeing them as a spiritual master.. even if we feel we will have to focus really really hard 🙂