(Kadamba Kanana Swami 27/02/10)

The Golden Moon of Lord Gauracandra now creates great tidal waves on the ocean of love for Lord Krishna! Those who will not dive into the ocean must find themselves, diving instead into the ocean of unwanted deeds

Yes, so it’s one or the other, right.
It’s either:
-We dive into the ocean
-or we will be diving into the ocean of unwanted deeds and we feel caught by it and we just feel victimized by our own mind and senses and we just can’t seem to get on top in life…

I like to compare material life to riding on a elephant:
Sometimes you are on top of the elephant, and sometimes the elephant is on top of you!

When the elephant is on top of you what you going to do? It’s difficult! It’s very painful and very difficult to get back on top…

So its important to stay on top. Once you’re there, to sort of stay there, and be careful you don’t go DOWN. This is difficult – to get back up. It’s a struggle from fall down, and it’s hard to come back to the spiritual platform from where one has fallen down as a result, one has re-awoken his material taste and attachment.

One has watered his material attachment and it’s stronger now! And one has committed an offence, and therefore, the taste for spiritual activity has diminished a little bit. So it’s sort of a bit of a struggle, to get back up there, to the pure platform.

But this struggle! We should not shy away from it! If somehow or other we inadvertently have come in this condition of fall down- we should with great enthusiasm carry on because we should know that the mercy of Lord Caitanya is with us and He will make difficult things easy!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 27/02/10)

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