(Kadamba Kanana Swami ,04/2010)

Another advantage of old age is actually that one has so much knowledge: Knowledge from experience: Knowledge from a lifetime of association with the scripture, and applying that knowledge. And therefore it is natural that one has peace of mind….

Where as youth, youth is the stage of life which is full of anxiety, because so many choices to make. What to do. What to do with my life!

“ I’m twenty years old and what am I’m going to do with my life! Some crucial decisions to take that will kind of give a direction to my whole life. What am I going to do?”

We don’t worry about these things. But at a more advanced stage, that’s done: The choice has been made. Then too late to change! Just now, what else to do but carry on. So life becomes simple, and more purposeful, and therefore all one’s focus becomes bundled. And therefore we see that even, elderly vaishnavas are able to achieve so many things! Because (Sanskrit) All their energy is bundled on one focus now, on Krsna, and somehow or other making spiritual advancement.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami ,04/2010)

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