Narada Muni- when he was cursed by Daksha, the whole thing rested on a misunderstanding, because Narada is a total well wisher of all living beings. He was a well wisher of Daksha: He was a well wisher of Daksha’s son. But Daksha’s son, one way or another unfortunately couldn’t see it. He didn’t see it at that time.

That was a misfortune, because really such preachers, as Narada- and those who are following in the footsteps of Narada, are not just preachers of philosophy – They are not just merely preachers who are establishing the truth based on the scripture and cutting through Maya- although sadhus sometimes were translated as one who cuts, but it must be understood, that although there maybe some cutting here and there – that underneath it all: is love!

There is love, that is to be understood: That such sages are full of love: Full of compassion. Therefore, even their apparently cutting remarks at times or actions at times are also a manifestation of their love. In that way it must be seen as a positive and in a positive light.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami ,04/2010)

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