A Japa meditation prayer by Kadamba Kanana Swami

I could be humble, if i would be honest
and admit that I have no special qualities,
that I am full of fault
and have no devotion
then I could chant all the time
now I can’t
If I would be humble and tolerant
then maybe I could attract Krsna
Rupa and Sanatana’s extraordinary humility
was more than the Lord could tolerate
I am proud of achievements qualities and possessions
that i don’t really have
they are only lend to me
and will be taken by time
All these false attributes distract me
If only I could be humble
I could take shelter of Krsna
 and chant all the time
i am nothing, Satvarupa said,
You are not nothing but something
Prabhupada retorted,
but you are not what you think you are.
If only I could be a servant of my spiritual master
of Krsna and the vaisnavas
maybe then I could chant hare krsna
Can you pray for me
that I will improve?
Japa Talks, 12 June 2010

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