(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 22/04/10)

Krsna churns the heart of the devotee. So Krsna had the desire to bring Narada to a higher level, so He didn’t make Himself so cheap. He gave him an incentive at a earlier stage of life, to really dedicate himself. And then He waited till Narada had evolved further. At the end of that life, He gave him that ultimate position….

Of course, each personality is going on a personal path, and you cannot say that Krsna will deal with every devotee in the same way that he dealt with Narada. That was His particular way of dealing with Narada. But the principle is there: That Krsna is giving encouragement to the devotee, Then withdraws and makes Himself again perceivable… withdraws….perceivable with the idea to bring out stronger and stronger dedication.

Even with the Gopis, Krsna is present, some separation. Simply to churn the hearts and draw out-deeper attachment: More commitment: More dedication. So that is basically Krsna’s relationship with any living being to eternally pull out more and more love out of the heart of the devotee.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 22/04/10)


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