The lotus feet of the lord are our shelter. It is described that there are many marks on the lotus feet of the lord and these marks have various meanings. These meanings are very encouraging. It’s said that the thunderbolt of the lotus feet of Krishna is there for the people who think that I cannot surrender to Krishna because my karma is insurmountable but Krishna with his thunderbolt smashes the mountain of these karma and therefore they should not think that due to my karma, I cannot obtain the desired results. Krishna can purify the most impure and there is no obstacle in that regards that can block spiritual progress and the results will be attained if one can take shelter.
         Then there is a stick with the hook and point that is used for controlling elephants. It is there to control the elephant of the mind. When the mind is so powerful and obstinate, then it is like an elephant, how can we control it? By talking shelter of Krishna’s lotus feet, we can easily control it.
         Alright, but u know I m just struggling to survive, I m just having a hard time materially because life is not easy now a days, it’s a great struggle just to work and make enough money to pay bills, then it doesn’t leave me any more time. Don’t worry, Krishna will supply everything, on his lotus feet, there is a barley corn and also a fish and both of these symbols are indicating that there will be no material shortage for those who take shelter of Krishna.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Sydney, Australia, Feb 2010)

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