Below is a report about the Nrsimha Caturdasi festival in Germany from Kadamba Kanana Swami:

It was a special festival. There were many senior devotees, Kavicandra Swami, Ravindra Svarupa Prabhu,Sacinandana Swami. Bhakti Bhusana Swami, Bhakti Vaibhava Swami, Krsna Ksetra Prabhu and Dina Sharana and Chakravarty Prabhus and Prithu Prabhu, Braja Bihari Prabhu and Prasanta Mataji from Vrndavana and not to forget Madhava! He led a beautiful … See Morekiratn during the very opulent abhiseka. A theme that was highlighted by Chakravarty was devotee care and relationships, he later also gave a seminar on “The 10 devotees that were the biggest inspiration in my spiritual life.”It resonated well with teh devotees. The festival started with a Ratha Yatra in Munich, with a really long parade of more than 4 hours, Ravindra Svarupa led a long fired up kirtana, and then we met again on the farm. I stayed with Sacinandana Maharaja, my good fortune. One morning Braja Bihari came and asked a question, how can I avoid thoughts of all the affairs of the day spilling in to my japa? SNS answer;”Before I start chanting, I leave behind all temporary relationship with my environment, my male body and just remember my position as an eternal spirit soul and then I focus on my eternal relationship with Krsna. I do this everyday.”

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