To simply think of what does Krsna require? How is Krsna comfortable? Not to think of what is allowed within the limitations of all the regulative principles of Krishna Consciousness, and then try to stretch the envelope- so to speak, Try and stretch the boundaries.

Obviously if it’s all about just reading the label and it has no forbidden ingredients- then it’s all right. From one level it’s all right. In another level it’s obviously not all right. In the level that at least not breaking the regulative principles – it’s all right. But in the terms of what consciousness there is, in that preparation- I don’t know. But it’s not going to be all right…

That food stuff is obviously prepared by those who are full of lust! And could even affect whoever eats it in the same way! Once a one proud donor- he had a chips factory and gave me a whole tour of the chips factory.

I saw the trucks of potatoes coming in the factory: Being sliced up by machines: Then dried: Placed on a conveyor belt: Going through hot air and be dried, and into the dip in the hot oil: And on the other side they were blowing spices on the chips- and then they were ready.

Workers would just stick their hands in those chips and munch away! While the chips then were moving along and going into a chute, where they were bagged and sealed.

Then they reached the devotees who read the labels and then they make a nice offering “ Sri Vishnu, Sri Vishnu, Sri Vishnu” or something like that.

Where as if you would do the same thing here at the temple. If someone just walks into the kitchen and sticks his hand in the pot. “What are we going to do with that?” Preparation- I don’t think we will offer it anymore.

So like that, when one gets into the mood of the personal attendant- of the Lord, then automatically the quality goes up, because when it’s for Krsna than it has to be first class!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 25/04/10)

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