Once on a Sunday Feast in Cologne temple, they had a clown. An original Russian clown from the state circus. And they’re quite good, and he was spinning balls on his fingers: He was spinning them on his toes: Four at the same time: And the fifth one on a stick on his nose! That was impressive. Absolutely, what it had to do with Krishna Consciousness, I have no idea! But anyway after that, I gave the class, and Krsna gave me some inspiration. And the theme was about the stream of opportunities. And when one is young, one takes three or four of them and bounces them around in a playful way, like that. Waste a few, but then as time moves along, that playfulness disappears, and one becomes more purposeful. That was a good one. Good one there, take it. But as time moves along, every once and a while it becomes difficult to keep up with the endless stream or opportunities, and sometimes one lets one go. Anyway,it wasn’t that good anyway. The sour grapes philosophy comes in. And at the end there were two old people. Both seated on a bench at the stream of opportunities and one said to the other , “ That was a good one!” And that’s more or less how time effects us all! So even the devotee doesn’t escape those dynamics. Even the devotee will not be eternally youthful. Unless he has a spiritual body like Narada Muni. Even if he practises all the yoga in the world. Still, sooner or later, some joints start to squeak. That is the nature of the material world. Therefore when it is said that the devotee is not affected by old age. It obviously doesn’t mean that he remains physically fit forever.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, April 2010)

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