How do we go forward? It demands work going forward – maybe faster than we can handle. Or for years, it’s always like that. For years you are waiting for something to happen – just like initiation. For years you are waiting – they keep you waiting, – a little bit longer. And when, you waited and waited, then suddenly, if there’s a last minute interview, and then you go through that and before you know it- you are approved. Two days later you are sitting in the sacrifice, and suddenly you just go’ “ Oh…oh….not so fast, wait a minute!”. And your mind is going, “ Whooaaa- what’s happening”, And are you really ready to make progress for the whole life? ” Well, umm”

“What are the four regulative principles?” Some people can’t say it. And some people really forget all four. Number one, “ What are you not suppose to eat?”
(No answer), “ No meat, and what swims in the water?”

So it is like that, many times – that suddenly it happens and then – yeah there you go. And then its there, getting very serious, and then you’ve done it- taken initiation.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Durban South Africa, 11th April 2010)

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