Question: My question is on chanting and where is the appropriate place to do so.

I chant most of my rounds in the evening at home, but sometimes due to household duties, i am unable to complete my chanting. I therefore try to catch up while driving – traffic in Jhb is always very congested and the journey to work is a long and tiring one. I however find solace in my chanting.

Is this appropriate? I have been told that chanting is acceptable no matter where you are; but at the same time, is this not offensive chanting?
I am unable to get the ‘right’ answer from anyone!
Please help!

Reply from Kadamba Kanana Swami:

In chanting japa there are different standards we apply at different times; like with everything else in life, namely the ideal and what we can do under the practical circumstances. The balance between -must-,-want-, and -can-. So ideal rounds are chanted early in the morning with deep concentration and no distraction. Rounds chanted by those with a job or other responsibilities, maybe in the car, because then there is time. That is all right. Ideals are something we strive for, but in the end we’ll have to do something practical. That’s life, Krsna knows it, just do the best you can and He will accept your offering.

But some days are special days when you can chant more and better. Early in the morning maybe, and not in the car. On sunday morning maybe,with the devotees in the temple, if you go for Mangal Aratik and stay then to chant japa, follow Guru puja and Bhagavatam class. That would have a powerful effect in your life, just that one day a week.

21 July 2010, Japa Talks

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