The transcendental vision – the vision of seeing of Krsna. So a vaisnava is seeing Krsna and the Vaisnava knows – that Krsna is the well wisher of all living beings. As a vaisnava he doesn’t even care about vastu. Vastu or not, that tree must be protected and Prabhupada did in Vrindavana.

Brahmananda as he tells the story. Brahmananda says, “There was this stump. It was a stump. It looked like a dead wooden stump-no life in it – just there on the land”.

And Prabhupada said, “Oh, Oh this is a tamāla tree! Oh that tree cannot be cut!”

So, then they had to design the whole temple around that tree- and that tree started to flourish, and became quite big. So its quite amazing how Prabbhupada showed it like that.

“ No the tree cannot be cut”. So the living beings – all living beings are protected.

( Kadamba Kanana Swami, Leicester, England, May 2010)

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