From the Ganges are the vaikuntha breezes, and whoever becomes touched by these breezes, automatically begins to chant the holy name. Automatic (laughter) – that river.

Prabhupada was sitting in his room, in the lotus building, when suddenly (Sanskrit)…. or a storm. In Vaiśākha season, these sudden storms- from their super powerful storms- and one of these storms was just suddenly flaring up. Everywhere, the doors and windows were open and banging. The devotees were running to close the doors, and then they realised;
“ Oh my god! In Prabhupada’s room all the doors and windows are open!”

When they came to Prabhupada’s room, the storm was just blowing through the room at full force: Prabhupada’s clothes were flapping like this: His eyes were big and round and Prabhupada said; “ My Lord has brought these wonderful Vaikuntha breeze!”

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Leicester, England, May 2010)

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