There is a king that said, “Rather a king in hell than a servant in heaven. “ That sort of sums up the mood of the conditioned soul. To be a servant, to be a servant, to put ourselves on the second plane, to not take any credit, to take the humble position, to ajust completely to the desires of something else, someone else, to ignore our own desires and to focus on the desires of another person. Do we really want that? Are you sure? Is that fun? Well, it is, it is, in so many ways. It is said that a devotee should become a menial servant, and he should take up that role of a menial servant of the spiritual master and Krsna. When we are servants of Krsna we are making arrangements for Krsna’s comfort, so many arrangements for His comfort. And we see that there are nice cushions, nicely embroidered, just to look at them is a pleasure – to invite Krsna to sit. Nice plate and nice things cooked and so many nice arrangements made for Krsna’s pleasure. Everything for Krsna’s pleasure. I found that difficult in the beginning. For example Jamastami: Jamastami was for me one of the most difficult days in the year because we are fasting the whole day, that’s one thing, but besides fasting the whole day, we were also cooking the whole day! That’s just like, you know, what a thing to do? To fast the whole day is one thing but to cook the whole day at the same time, that’s torture!” I thought. Ya, the whole day busy with food while fasting, it seemed like torture to me. So it’s difficult to put one’s own desires aside and just focus on the pleasure of another. It is difficult for us. But if we see the nature of the master we serve, then is becomes more interesting…
Kadamba Kanana Swami
July 23, 2010
Radhadesh, Belgium

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