If one serves a glorious master in a glorious mission then that service becomes something inspiring and just see, just see the nature of Krsna. When the living being turns away from Krsna and goes to the material world and he says,
“ Krsna, it’s alright, its alright.”
Krsna says, “No, please don’t go.”
“No, no, Krsna, it’s alright I will be right back. I’ll be back soon”
“Please don’t go.”
‘Its fine, its fine, I know what I’m doing. I’ll be right back.”
And then when the living being goes to the material world alone, Krsna doesn’t leave him alone. Krsna comes. As paramatma, as the supersoul within the heart, Krsna accompanies every living being all throughout his endless sojourn in the material world. Krsna remains. And Krsna is always patiently trying, again and again, although so many times that living being didn’t listen to him. If we are trying to instruct someone and they never listen then at one point you just go, “Forget it, you know, you never listen. I will not bother with you anymore.” But Krsna keeps on trying with us although we don’t listen . So just see the nature of Krsna. Krsna is so kind and so merciful that Krsna makes endless arrangements, endless arrangements to bring back the living being to the spiritual world. And that is Krsna’s occupation. That is what Krsna is doing. What is Krsna doing in this material world? He is simply trying to bring back all the living beings to the spiritual world, that is His full-time occupation and therefore being the servant of that Lord – that becomes our service.

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