Thus all the learned scholars came to discuss the glory of the holy name. (Sanskrit)
Some of them said, “ That by chanting the holy name of the Lord, one is freed from the reactions of all sinful life!”

Others said, “ Simply by chanting the holy name of the Lord, a living being is liberated from material bondage!”

Haridas Thakur protested, ”These 2 benedictions are not the true result of chanting the holy name. Actually by chanting the holy name without offences – one awakens his ecstatic love for the lotus feet of Krsna. When a person is actually advanced and takes pleasure in chanting the holy name of the Lord, who is very dear to him – he’s agitated and chants very loud. He also laughs, cries and becomes agitated. And chants just like a mad man – not caring for outsiders. Liberations and extinctions of sinful life are 2 side products of chanting the holy name of the Lord

An example, is found in the gleams of the morning sunlight. As the sun rising immediately disappears all the world’s darkness, which is deep like an ocean. So the holy name of the Lord if chanted once without offences – disappears all the reactions of the living beings sinful life. All glories to the holy name of the Lord, which is auspicious for the entire world.”

So Haridas is requesting if all the scholars can explain the meaning of that verse.

But everyone said, “No! no Haridas please you explain it!”

So, Haridas said, “ Well actually before the sun rises, the light of the sun is already visible in the sky. In the early morning before the sun just comes above the horizon. The sky begins to light up. So in that way, the holy name is also rising. First, there is just the light emanating from the sun in the sky – this is called nāmābhāsa. And then later, one will actually see the full manifestation of the sun or of the holy name. With the first glimpse of sunlight, the thieves ghosts and demons immediately disappear. So similarly, the first hint of that offenceless chanting of the holy name of the Lord has awakened. Disappeared the reactions of sinful life immediately”.

( Kadamba Kanana Swami 24th June 2010 )

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