After an ecstatic few days at Sweden, Kadamba Kanana Swami enthuses the devotees at Helsinki, Finland. This is a transcript is from the talk that Kadamba Kanana swami gave this morning!
The pics are from the last flight from Sweden to Finland!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 25th August 2010)

Everything is going on in the universe by the arrangement of the Lord and we are remembering like that, and that nothing is going on automatically as the scientists think by laws – but rather that these laws are going on by the arrangement of the Supreme Lord. As Prabhupada was saying they can see the laws but can’t see the law maker.

So we are simply seeing Krishna and in that way a devotee can become fearless. Fear has it’s origin in being separate from Krishna. So when there is distance from Krishna, separated from Krishna , then there is fear, but when one is actually one in purpose with Krishna, when one is servant of Krishna, fully dedicating himself to the mission of Krishna then there is no more fear. Even the demigods are acting out of fear because they have a separate agenda than the agenda of Krishna, they want to serve Krishna but they also want to enjoy their own facilities. So therefore they are also in fear. But when are completely having no other purpose and to fulfil the purpose of Krishna then all fear disappears…

One should cultivate such fearlessness, that measns we simply accept what Krishna arranges – but that’s not so much the case because we can see how much we are conditioned – because we always want to control the situation:
“Oh it’s getting out of control!”
But out of who’s control?! It’s not getting of Krishna’s control!… maybe out of our control but never out of Krishna’s control…(Sanskrit) the material energy is always under Krishna’s controil. But for us the material energy is very difficult to deal with. It is said that it is perplexing. The material energy is perplexing. It means that it gets out of control even when we are not expecting it, even when something was so many times so easy to control- Suddenly it doesn’t work. Suddenly it gets out of control.

It is amazing sometimes. The things that can happen in the material world. A story is therE, which was found in the newspaper:
The story was in Spain, in Spain they have big forest fires- they have helicopters with big water tanks, that are used to fight these forest fires. So there was this forest fire and the helicopters were flying to the sea, and they come with their tanks and scoop out the water. So there was this one man and he was snorkling in the sea! …and he had gone quite a distance and somehow or other the helicopter did not see him, maybe he noticed the helicopter but it was too late! They scooped him up in the tank, then they dropped him on the forest fire! So of course he got cooked alive and then later they identified this man and it turned out he was the owner of a …..Lobster restaurant!
And that was in the paper! Even the karmis could see that there was maybe a connection!
They could even see that maybe, he was putting living lobsters in boiling water and now he was himself put alive in the fire – and even they could see the connection- So in this way nothing is going on by chance – everything is going on by the arrangement of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

A rationalistic philosopher, David Hume is like really the founders of nationalism and who took the western tradition away from God consciousness. One of his arguments was that if you say that everything is going on by the design of the Supreme Lord then why are there natural disasters?- which prove that things are not perfectl y arranged. That’s what he was saying, there are natural disasters, there are flood , there are famines, there are earthquakes, these prove that things are not going on by a perfect design….
Wrong! He was thinking of God as an order supplier and that the Supreme Lord simply has to provide everything we need and he never thought that when the Supreme Lord thinks that we are ready for a flood and He sends us the flood – that he didn’t see.
So we see that in this way everything including calamities are part of the perfect arrangement of the Supreme Lord and that they have a purpose…..

ARRANGEMENT OF THE LORD…In india there were about 7000 people killed by this Tsunami, so the whole world was full of sympathy and they offered help to India, international help to deal with the crisis and India said; ’It’salright, we can handle this, we don’t need international help ‘
– because India is a place where there are so many floods, so many such things. People there can accept such things, they are of course sad but it is not the end of the world. They can accept it is the will of the world and this spirit of accepting calamities as the will of the Lord, is the unique strength of India. No country has gone through as much trouble as India, in terms of famine, in terms of flood, in terms of eartquakes…huge earthquales , huge calamities, and yet people take it as somehow or other it is the arrangement of the Lord, somehow or other it is due to beqause of our karma. Therefore they can accept, they can accept such destiny.
So this mood of acceptance is the beginning of becoming fearless…

TOTALLY DIFFERENT APPROACH…Srila Prabhupada was saying that In his childhood, there was a cholera epidemic – this class is full of nectar – it goes from one disaster to another disaster!..just to enliven everyone!
Srila Prabhupada was describing that there was a choldera epedemic when he was a child and people were dying like flies and that the solution to the whole thing was Harinama! So everyday when they had a lot of Harinam, then the epidemic subsided!
So that was a totally different approach to the western approach. This really is what I’m talking about, I’m not really talking about disasters, I’m talking about the approach to depending on the Supreme Personality of Godhead and to take shelter of Him and to see Him as the main source of our protection, which is very different from the western approach.

So we are simply taking shelter of devotional service, then everything will simply be taken care of. We are not saying that it is forbidden to make some security arrangement but we see that Srila Prabhupada was very much relying on Krishna.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Helsinky, Finland August 25th 2010)

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