We may recall that story of Struta Kirti, who describes that he was in Los Angeles at the airport, and this was the second time that Prabhupada was coming. Coming back from India. We recall Prabhupada had gone to New York: Gone to San Francisco: Had preached and made so many followers: Became ill and went to India.

The second time when Prabhupada came back to Los Angeles, there were hundreds of devotees at the airport. Everyone was just waiting and waiting for Prabhupada to come. There was a huge kirtan and when Prabhupada finally came out of the security area – all the devotees just fell down on the ground and offered their obeisances, and when they got up – they all started crying. Except Struta Kirti – not a tear – nothing. So when he saw all these devotees getting so emotional. He thought, “ My God, I don’t have any devotion”.

So later on the day, he was massaging Prabhupada and during the massage he said, “Prabhupada when you arrived at the airport, all the devotees they were crying. But …I.. you know…I had no tears at all! I have no love at all!”

Prabhupada didn’t reply – he didn’t say a word. The massage continued and that was it. But 24 hours later on the same schedule again there was a massage, and suddenly Prabhupada said, “ This is also love”.

So Prabhupada saw that whatever service that the devotees are doing is out of love. One may say that is because he was so exalted that he was seeing just good qualities in everyone. But it’s not like that. He was seeing even good qualities in everyone that people couldn’t even see in themselves! That is the nature of the pure devotee. His vision is deeper, and therefore he can see within people, qualities that they don’t even see that they have.

One might say, “ I am just a dog!” Alright, but a dog has at least one good quality- that he’s faithful, and that’s favourable for spiritual life. So you maybe a dog, but at least you have one good quality – that you’re faithful. So in other words an exalted vaisnava can see deep good qualities within us and pull them out! He can take these qualities and magnify them – and that’s what Prabhupada did!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 24th June 2010)

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