This morning I established that we can conquer the mind actually, and I explained how to conquer the mind: By making the intelligence strong through hearing: And engaging the senses in devotional service: And hearing means hearing Bhagavatam and hearing the holy name. Then we spoke in the morning about Karma;

“ What if my Karma is so bad?”

“ Don’t worry, Krsna will smash it!”

“But, then what about my chanting. If my chanting is so bad?”

“Don’t worry, as long we try to chant nicely than all good results will come”.

So it is quite difficult to not attain perfection in this movement. Generally we think that it’s very very difficult to get love of God, and we think that, “Well is there anybody on the planet who has love of God? …. Anybody?”

Some people think, “ I don’t think so”.

But if we look at it. It is said in the scripture (Sanskrit). There it is stated that even the madhyama-adhikārī has prema for Isvara. Prema – love for the Supreme Lord. How is it that a madhyama-adhikārī has Krsna Prem? Isn’t the madhyama-adhikārī only the intermediate devotee? Yes maybe, but it is stated such madhyama-adhikārī has the prema for the Supreme Lord! Maybe, not as much as prem as uttama-adhikārī. But, it is prem. The same word prem is used. So it is not something else that he has. Maybe, it is the beginning of love of God. But, it is already there. Prabhupada also saw it like that.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 24th June 2010)

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