Bhakta Frederick was so much very enthused from Kadamba Kanana Swami’s association in Sweden this month. He asked some very interesting questions, jumped up and down in all the Kirtans, came to drop Maharaja to the airport and then…sent us here at the KKS blog a wonderful transcript from Kadamba Kanana Swami’s talk!

After Maharaja’s talk at the Sweden Hare Krishna farm we had took some photos.

Here’s one of me and our new friend Bhakta Frederick! Thank’s for the nectar below!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Sweden August 2010)

It is said when we become pure devotees of Krsna, then Krsna Himself will be seated within our heart. Then we will see Krsna directly, the Supreme Lord, within our heart. And then He will directly reveal so many things to us. Then one simply acts as the agent of the Lord -so that is another level of intelligence, and that is the desired level of intelligence. That is complete, when intelligence has really penetrated fully unto the level of the heart – Not just all very intellectual but, because we begin to put things into practice, that intellectual knowledge also becomes realized and when the knowledge is fully realized, then intelligence happens on the platform of the heart, and then Krsna is steering that intelligence!Anyway, then it is fully full intelligence. So like that we are gradually increasing our intelligence in devotional service – Not necessarily that we’ll in the beginning will only be able to do simple mathematical formulas and if you chant Hare Krsna for 20 years you’ll be doing quantum mechanics! It’s not exactly like that. Not automatically, but one’s intelligence becomes deeper and more complete and one will see everything in it’s full perspective, because intelligence is meant to place things in a proper perspective, that is the essence. Otherwise one will take part in sources of misery which are in relation to the material senses.
So many sources of misery, and due to ignorance we take part in these sources of misery. That ignorance can be simply a lack of knowledge, total ignorance, that we have no idea what’s going on, or it can be a more subtle type of ignorance where we know : we know it’s bad, and still we do it, because we don’t really , we don’t know in full depth how bad it is. We think:
“Yes, it’s bad, but it’s also good, and it’s a combination of two, and the good is not so bad, and I’ll take the bad with the good, and after all the good looks a lot better than the bad!”
and then we go for it!
The good always looks good, but it’s never as good as it looked, and the bad, when you get it, it’s always worse than it looked before! That seems to be the nature of good and bad, so keep that in mind, when you’re observing the situation. So in this way in intelligence we are seeing on a deeper level. We’re seeing what is beneficial in my relationship with Krsna.
It says “preyas, sreyas,” immediate and long-term, okay; the long term, the relationship with Krsna. Difficult to come to that point, hm.. Difficult. As we are going through life, so many times, we just choose the wrong thing. We just choose, knowingly we choose the wrong thing. We just choose something temporary in this world, and it’s just:
‘Love, this love and that love and so much love’
and then — so much misery!
Yeah, it’s amazing. It happens, it happens. So again and again, it happens, and we think:
“Oh, this time it’s real. Absolutely. This time it’s different. I tell you, this time it’s different!”
It’s not any different at all, okay! It’s not. It’s the same! It’s the same as all the other times!
Exactly the same, again and again!
That’s what Bhagavatam is telling us [we]say:
“No, no, no. The Bhagavatam doesn’t know what it’s talking about. That’s a book, and this is life! You know? And, you know, everything in life can’t be in a book!”
NO NO NO It is! It’s all in the book! It really is, it’s all there!
Everything that’s there in life, is actually in Bhagavatam. It’s not that something hasn’t been included in the Bhagavatam. It’s all there!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Sweden August 2010)

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