Rohini is just full of transcendental luster due to her overwhelming love for Balarama. An ocean of love for Balarama – But she loves Krishna millions of times more, Rupa goswami says!
So in this way – initiation means everything for Krishna. Krishna is the most important in our life. Of course one can theoretically say that at the day of initiation and that in this mood:
‘Krishna I am yours!’
But in reality one is not. It takes a life time of surrender. It is an ongoing process to surrender more and more and at the end of life we still fall short. But then we pray for the mercy of the Lord to take us back. So this is our challenge now and that is why initiation is a total change. Yes, up to this point, Krishna consciousness was part of our life- up to this point we could not imagine life without Krishna…but now Krishna has to be number one!
Completely, really, really!…and that is a big change for everyone. So in that way it is significant, this initiation. That takes strength. So we take that strength, we take this strength from Lord Balarama.
Lord Balarama is also represented by the spiritual master – because Balarama is the Adi guru – the Original Spiritual Master and all spiritual masters are following in the mood of Lord Balarama. So we are then trying to dedicate our life more and more to the service of Krishna.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 22nd August 2010, Stockholm Hare Krishna Centre)

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