It is amazing to what extent the Supreme lord will go to protect His devotee. So in this way it is amazing, amazing to see how Krsna appeared in this half man-half lion form. …And how amazing that the Supreme Lord is just appearing like this. We can meditate on His mercy: How much He is involved with His devotee, how much He comes…of course, he could have just sent a thunderbolt. He could have just sent a thunderbolt (whoosh) and Hiryanyakasipu burnt to ashes. Job done, right! And He won’t have to really go through all that trouble to appear from a pillar and to rip him to pieces and to and get covered in all the blood and these things, put the intestines around the neck. He didn’t have to do all that. But He did that to once and for all make a statement to all the demons of the world. “Let it be known, let it be known, let it be known! Be warned!” Like this we see how kind the lord is to His devotee because ultimately he only warned the demons to reassure the devotees. His purpose was not to warn the demons. What did he care about demons? The Lord is not too concerned about killing a demon. That is not His problem, He is ready, but to reassure the devotees, “Yes, do not fear. I will protect you. And I will go to any extend to protect you.” All these things are there within the pastimes and therefore within the pastimes of Prahlada Nrsimha we can strengthen our faith tremendously because we see the reciprocation of the Lord. On the one hand we see the example of Prahlada and we see the amazing reciprocation of the Lord. That is very important for our faith, to know that the lord is not just sitting there looking upon his devotee and sort of, “Bless, bless,” and that’s about it but that Krsna gets very directly involved, very deeply and directly involved in the life of His devotee. And that makes this whole Krsna consciousness worthwhile. That makes it a wonderful and exciting thing that the Supreme Lord lives with us. He lives with us, he is with us, intensely so, sharing with us, reciprocating with us. And the deeper we go in out Krsna Consciousness the deeper that relationship will go and the more the Lord will be in our life.
Kadamba Kanana Swami
New Simhacalam, Germany
12 May 2006

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