The fact is that transcendental knowledge has to enter within the heart, and one has to accept it. One has to embrace it. One has to give up all inner resistance. Because we hear this message of the Gita and something in us is not in agreement. We are still struggling. Struggling with the material senses. To simply give up the senses, that is not so simple.

I was reading yesterday, an article of a Californian Psychologist who said, “Lose your mind and come to your senses”(laughter). That was his philosophy. So this is not Krishna Consciousness. But this is indeed the problem ‘come to your sense’. So the senses are not satisfied, even with high philosophy and still the senses are not satisfied and are going in all directions, and that is the difficulty.

So therefore, in a conditioned state of devotional service, it is our intelligence that is situated in transcendental knowledge. And it is our intelligence that is our anchor. It is our intelligence that we rely on. And that intelligence has to be very strong – strongly rooted in transcendental knowledge, and then the intelligence will dictate to the mind and senses. But that is not the platform of perfection. That is the stage of the sādhaka. In the beginning, the sādhaka or the one who is engaging in devotional service in practise. In the beginning they will be struggling.

Later, he will become more situated in transcendental knowledge. He will become purified (Sanskrit). By the transcendental knowledge that will enter into the heart and it will remove impurities from the heart. Then they become fixed. Then one becomes fixed in this devotional service and he comes to the platform of niskāma. Niskāma is the stage where we are not so much distracted anymore by the material energy. Niskāma is the stage where we can fix ourselves. The energy is there but it is not so overwhelming, that we cannot think of Krsna, and that we cannot focus on the words of Krsna, then on worshiping Krsna.

That is the more advanced platform. But it is still on the platform where we rely on our intelligence on being in control. When one becomes still more absorbed in Krishna Consciousness then the intelligence begins to follow the mind and senses which will naturally be drawn to Krsna. In the advanced stages the senses are controlled by Krsna. They will automatically be drawn to Krsna, and automatically the mind will be absorbed in Krsna. And always will be in Krishna Consciousness, Then the intelligence will follow that.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami Sweden August 2010)

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