If we are not careful then we miss the boat, it doesn’t feel good to miss the boat… “Not at all!”
I have been once on an island and there was suddenly overnight, an army came in and got mobilized and there were tanks everywhere, guys dug into manholes and it really looked like:
“It is now time to get out of here!!!”
But there was no way to get out of there, there was no transport.
So most people just gave up, but there were a few people and I was amongst them and said now “We’re going”
And we paid a local to take us through a path, a forest path and then walked right through the jungle! Something like thirty kilometres to the other side of the island!
Then there , there were lots of stranded people at the ports and there were boats and there were some tickets available for the boat still – but they were going for crazy prices!
“I paid the money!”
I paid the money and I was on the boat – and there were others who didn’t want to pay the money and the others who first didn’t want to walk through the jungle and then the ones that didn’t want to pay the money. Those who were misers and didn’t pay the money, they didn’t get on the boat and we were waving at them as they were standing on the shore!!!

So in another words don’t think that we are going to get it cheap, Krishna Consciousness. Don’t think we are going to get it for nothing!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami , September 2010, Pretoria)

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