(Kadamba Kanana Swami, September 2010, South Africa)

So the whole concept of Nama hatta is very nice, because if at least once a week if you go… you get your dose but what do you do for the rest of the week!
Something…something is better than nothing!
And that is true -something is better than nothing, but then again it’s not good enough.
One of the attitudes of a Vaishnava when looking at another person is to appreciate the smallest service done by them and to offer appreciation for that
and the other aspect of the nature of a Vaishnava is when looking at our own performance, is to consider it not good enough.
It’s not like being negative but just saying :
’There is room to improve!…

and one must think like that, that there is room to improve because otherwise we will not improve.
It begins with contemplation, everything begins with contemplation
Before the action comes the thought…in most cases! In some cases there is the opposite! But that’s not so recommended , you know what I mean. There should be a thought before an action. So first contemplation, on what to do, how to do and whether one should do it? And then yes …just do it.
So in this way we must start thinking about improving our devotional service, if we want to be part of the Mahatmas, the great transcendental souls. And I think that everyone is meant to be like that, not a few:
‘We have a few pure devotees, how nice, how nice, how nice!’
No, everyone must be a pure devotee. Everyone, no exception. So what can we do about it? At least try.
Well what can individuals do about it…put quality in our chanting, put quality in our sadhana , quality in reading and then we can take on service:
so Nama Hattas are interesting entities. Because Nama Hattas are self-contained entities, it’s like a group that is designed to enliven the members of the group and all the activity goes into the group – the members are basically busy with each other to arrange the programme which they can have with the group, so some sort of self sustainable entity, like a closed-circuit.
You go to the Nama Hatta for inspiration and then you do service for the Nama Hatta, which creates the atmosphere of inspiration and you get your inspiration and like that……that’s ok. It’s a nice thing and a Nama hatta can go on like that for many years. I’ve seen many Nama Hattas that did well in this regards, but….
Lord Caitanya wanted more, the Lord wanted us to preach Krsna consciousness.
It is a sannyasi’s duty to disturb people. When everyone is happy and satisfied to say; ’Sorry that’s not good enough, that’s not good enough!’, ‘In a way it is an inbred culture, when a group is only concerned how it functions itself – then it is becoming a very dry, dry thing. Then we will not taste the nectar of compassion, of giving Krsna consciousness to others. We have to do something to expand this movement. We have to maybe organise events, maybe some public festival… we had a great BBT conference a long, long time ago and it was so inspiring. Some of you went and some of you heard about it, it was great and everyone thought it was wonderful, there were speakers from all over, telling the glories about book distribution and “I love : “stories about the glories of book distribution””
But since that time I have not seen that much change in terms of book distribution. So I feel that we should do something in South Africa about book distribution, so I’ll come back in the month of December for that purpose to join you in book distribution! Because it is supposed to be a marathon – but if I go everyone had to go –that’s the deal! That’s how it is. That’s why I brought the camera-man- ladies and gentlemen, you’re on the film! So let us all try to distribute some books for Srila Prabhupada’s pleasure.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, September 2010, South Africa)

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    Thank You for sharing this ecstatic words of Kadamba Kanana Swami with us.
    Book disribution ki jay!