Devotee’s Question: What is the proper way to relax in Krsna consciousness?

Kadamba Kanana Swami:
Bhagavad-Gita says: “He who is regulated in his habits of eating, sleeping, recreation and work can mitigate all material pains by practicing the yoga system.”
….It must be also connected with Krsna. Simple. Connect it with Krsna; relax and connect with Krsna. How? Well, leave out the things that Krsna doesn’t like. That’s one way to begin!
That’s lots of types of relaxation then that, well, that we’re not going to do…. So only the enjoyment that Krsna is pleased with. That enjoyment is fine, it’s nice. We used to think that walking out in nature is Maya. It can be, I guess. But we used to think that like, if we’re not twenty four hours engaged in service — in active service, then it’s Maya. So yeah, to take a walk in the forest is Maya, because you could be doing some service – But nowadays we begin to think that walking in the forest is also okay. Of course, not the whole day, “butterfly, oh butterfly,” but some relaxation that connects it to Krsna is also important, that we also need to look at that part of ourselves. Get a little bit of fresh air and a little bit of nice walking…. sit in the sun, in Sweden. Wow! I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment; when the sun’s there I would go sit in it! As Swedes do, when there is sun, expose as much as you can, is the Swedish motto!
But in Krsna consciousness, we expose a little less than others maybe, because, it was as much as you can, and we have to go as far as what is pleasing to Krsna. But we sit in the sun, also. Of course, because we have bodies, and they need to absorb some sunlight, and in Sweden you feel that. I even feel it in Holland, at one point.. I always had this, ever since I was a kid, that at the end of the winter there was no sun, that : “I need some sun.. I need some!”
So just connect with Krsna. Whatever He says, that’s allowed. And with time we find out more, and then we find out that we are attached with some type of enjoyment, and then we find out one day we read that it’s not allowed, like keeping birds in cages, and then you’ve had a bird for a long time in a cage and then what’re you going to do? ‘I don’t know!’ Then you’re gradually going to adjust things. So it sometimes it takes some time to gradually adjust our life.
One devotee had a python, Yeah!!! In a big glass case, a python! Yeah, but pythons, they don’t eat often, but they eat.. They can eat once a month! But then, it’s a ….rat! So he would put a rat inside once a month! I asked him before initiation to donate the snake to someone.
He sort of just: “Anyone would like to have a python, maybe?!!!” So he gave the snake away!
So somethings in our life we have to adjust.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, August 2010, Sweden)
transcribed by Bhakta Frederick

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