One can only chant the Holy Name constantly if one remembers the glory of the Holy Name. If one remembers that the Holy Name is Krishna and with full faith that the Holy Name can bestow all mercy upon us, only then can one develop the faith that:

“Yes it is the Holy name that will deliver me. And it is the Holy Name that will offer me the whole happiness, and it is the Holy Name that will set me free, it is the Holy Name that will improve this situation. It is all dependent on the Holy Name of the Lord.”

So this is really our life…. we have to work on our relationship with the Holy Name. Prabhupada says that one should serve the Holy Name, by serving the Holy Name, the Holy Name will reveal itself.

So serving the Holy Name means chanting, but also working for the glorification of the Holy Name.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Radhadesh, Belgium, 17th February 2003)

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