Transcribed by Bhakta Frederick

Devotee’s Comment: If one makes the problems of others’ one’s own problems, then there is no suffering. It is said that then one does not have any problems of one’s own. Then one becomes very happy because one just takes care of others.

Kadamba Kanana Swami: I don’t know… maybe on the spiritual platform that could be true, but even then it is not a necessity. Like for example the case of Vasudeva Dutta, who said:
‘My Lord please transfer all the karma of all the living entities in the universe upon me so that they may go back to Godhead.’
Lord Caitanya said: ‘My dear Vasudeva, that will not be required, simply if you desire so I can deliver the entire universe, there is no need for you to suffer on their behalf.’
I myself come from a background — a problem family. Everyone had problems in my family. Big problems! You know, mental problems and mental mental problems! …

Everyone was under too much stress. Even the dog went crazy! That’s how it was and I always felt responsible for the problems of my family members. Once I brought a relative, who had plenty of problems to the temple and I felt sorry for this person. Then one devotee said:
“Your involvement with this person is actually blocking your spiritual progress.”
That sentence struck me, and suddenly I realized I spent my whole life, taking on other people’s problems as my own, and they just weighed me down.
So therefore our focus is not so much on taking problems, (singing…):
“I’m gonna take the world’s problems and sins, my name is Jesus Christ!”
We respect his glorious sacrifice, however that’s not our process for purifying the world. The members of Lord Caitanya’s sankirtana mission try to offer anyone the opportunity to take the following solutions;
“Please, chant Hare Krsna,
Take up devotional service to Krsna
Automatically you will be delivered from all your karma and problems!”

So simple and so sublime!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami , Sweden, August 2010)

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