(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Croatia, September 2010)

In Bhagavatam there is the reference to three types of personalities. It is Srila Visnavath Chakravati Thakur whose commentary is making this point.
He is saying that just as the bird is taking care of it’s young, the bird is flying up and down. It’s really busy feeding the little birds- some spiritual masters are like that. They constantly feed their disciples.

Then there is the other spiritual master who is like the fish. A fish has very big eyes, as you noticed. So, that fish is watching, protecting and watching. And that is the second type of spiritual master.
The third type of spiritual master is like a turtle. She lays the eggs on the beach, digs them in the sand and the sun does the rest. But the turtle is always meditating on the well being of the eggs and the young.

So the spiritual master will act in all three ways…

Sometimes the spiritual master will be like a bird and will shower us with the mercy and attention.

Other times there’s no bird flying and there is nothing coming, but then we know that the spiritual master is still there in our life. He is our authority, and we know and we ask Him when we make the change in our life of some significance- and He blesses us. So in this way we are under the supervision and under His protection.

And then of course:
“I have not heard from my spiritual master for three months.
I think I have problem in the relationship with my Spiritual master!”

“He does not answer my email! I am totally broken…”

No, He is still meditating, He is always meditating.

Sometimes the relationship will be like that because the spiritual master is just one person and there are more disciples.

transcribed by Yamuna Devi Dasi
(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Croatia, September 2010)

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