In the Vaikuntha planets, it is described that the ladies – although they are living like queens in palaces. They sweep those palaces themselves, and they sweep them everyday. But, there’s no dust. (Mimicking) “Oh for crying out, is there anybody who is going to sweep our floor? Where there’s no dust. I mean, let’s be real man. You got to be little cracked or something if you are going to sweep our floor, where there’s no dust”.

No no, here we need the dust, just like a car which is dirty and somebody writes on it, ‘I want to be washed!’ in the dust on the car. Here we have that dust to force us to do the service. But in the spiritual world – Vaikuntha they understand, the purpose of the floor is to serve Krsna. So floors are meant to be swept – that’s what they’re for. That’s what you do with the floor – you sweep it, and the purpose of sweeping is to serve Krsna.

Here the purpose of sweeping is to cleam. Ok, we then can use that in serving Krsna. Without dust they wouldn’t do it. But, if there is a lot of dust on the temple room floor and somebody finally writes in there, ‘ Please clean the temple room floor!’ Well alright then, I’ll clean it. So it’s interesting, a clean floor without dust. So, if we are always absorbed in service to Krsna, then we will be so much relishing our life. Then everything becomes positive, and that’s how Prabhupada has such a positive outlook.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, August 2010)

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