We are allowing our mind to produce all kind of excuses and that is the problem – so last night our Aatish brought up the point about there being many reasons why one cannot just surrender in Krishna Consciousness

And I said:
‘Why don’t you write a book with 1008 excuses for not being able to surrender!”

Everyone has 1008 excuses that we tell our own mind – We allow ourselves not just excuses to others but excuses to ourselves to justify it:
“I can’t do it for this and these reasons”
“I couldn’t do it in the past so logically I can’t do it in the present”
No, bogus because devotional service changes our condition. Devotional service changes the subtle body- it changes it. So because devotional service changes the subtle body you cannot say:
‘my mind, oh my mind!’

Transcribed by Madhumati Devi Dasi
(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Pretoria, South Africa 2010)

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