When we are here in the Holy Dham we can not perceive… there is a mystical aspect to Krishna’s mercy which goes beyond what we can perceive;
One example is Arjuna – Arjuna at the end of the battle of Kuruksetra was asked by Krishna to take his bow Gandhiva and get down from the chariot – and just as he got down from the chariot, right in front of his eyes the chariot caught on fire!
Arjuna was shocked: ‘The invincible chariot, the chariot I got from Agni – how can this chariot burn…Krishna!
Krishna , how can this chariot burn, this is impossible!
This chariot, how can it be consumed by fire, it has even survived brahmastras! Even brahmastras couldn’t touch this chariot and now it’s burning by fire, how can this be?!
How can it be?!”
Krishna said: ‘Oh my Dear Arjuna, throughout the battlefield of Kuruksetra all this time I was protecting this chariot.
It was not by the strength of the chariot that it didn’t burn.
It was by my protection”
Arjuna never knew that and all along there was Krishna ‘s protection – so undoubtedly there is Krishna’s mercy beyond what we can see!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 27th October 2010, Vrndavana)

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