Dhurva was a small child but he was very mature because he was fixed. Children are very fickle. They want something now, and in 5 minutes something else. So he was 5 years old but he was fixed – completely fixed. Therefore he was very mature.

And Gajendra was an elephant.
But Gajendra had the knowledge.
Where was Dhruva’s maturity?
And Gajendra’s knowledge?
Where was Kubjā’s beauty?
Kubjā’s after all became very beautiful.
Where was Sudāmā’s wealth?
Where was Vidura’s noble birth?
Where was Ugrasena’s chivalrous strength?

Lord Madhava is pleased only by devotional service and not by material qualification. They had all these qualities. But they were all material qualities, and they were all outstanding. Dhruva was extremely mature for his age, so he could be so serious, but he first had to please the Lord by his service.

Gajendra is an elephant, and yet he had knowledge. So that was very special, but Gajendra only got the mercy because he was praying to the Lord, and while the crocodile was hanging on his leg. The Lord, due to his prayer came and then he picked up the Lotus flower from the water and offered it to the Lord. Then the Lord was pleased with his service.

So like this, no matter how many qualifications one has – it cannot attract Krsna. Krsna cannot be attracted by anything material. He can only be attracted by devotional service! And that is very nice.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 31st August 2010)

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