The story of the gunda named Govardhan, who went to the Bhagavatam lecture and he heard descriptions about how opulently Krsna was dressed with many jewels. He was very attracted to Krsna – especially, to Krsna’s jewels. So, he asked the speaker of the Bhagavatam:

“Where is this Krsna?”

And he got the answer: “Oh he stays in Vrindavan”.

So anyway, this criminal went looking for Krsna, and eventually found Krsna. And when he saws those jewels – he could hardly control himself! He had ecstatic symptoms – so many jewels!

He went to Krsna and he said: “Can you give me some of those jewels?”

Krsna said: “ Oh no, I’ll get into trouble with Mother Yasoda”.

But this decoy wouldn’t listen and he just started taking them and Krsna just let him. And at the end he had taken all of Krsna’s jewels! But he had been looking carefully to see where all those jewels were. In this way he had a very close darshan of Krsna. He checked out Krsna’s entire body to make sure that he didn’t miss one jewel. And when he had all the jewels, he had become so much attracted by Krsna that suddenly he said to Krsna:

“You know I have all your jewels here. Would it be alright if I dressed you with all these jewels?”(laughter).

And Krsna said: “Yes, of course”.

Then he dressed Krsna very nicely and decorated him with all his jewels. And in that evening when Krsna came home, Mother Yasoda said:

“But I didn’t decorate you like that.” (laughter)

(Sanskrit) Krsna is irresistible – you have to worship him! You cannot escape it. There’s always those who want to escape it. When the Harinama party comes to the street – they cover their ears (laughter). But that doesn’t help. We chant too loud. The name of Krsna will enter into their ears – and whether they want it or not.

(Kadamba Kanana Swami 2nd September 2010)


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