Transcribed by Madhumati Devi Dasi
(Kadamba Kanana Swami, September 2010, Pretoria)

SB 9.19.8: Aggrieved by her husband’s behavior with another, the she-goat thought that the he-goat was not actually her friend but was hardhearted and was her friend only for the time being. Therefore, because her husband was lusty, she left him and returned to her former maintainer.

SB 9.19.9: Being very sorry, the he-goat, who was subservient to his wife, followed the she-goat on the road and tried his best to flatter her, but he could not pacify her.

SB 9.19.10: The she-goat went to the residence of a brāhmaṇa who was the maintainer of another she-goat, and that brāhmaṇa angrily cut off the he-goat’s dangling testicles. But at the he-goat’s request, the brāhmaṇa later rejoined them by the power of mystic yoga.

Kadamba Kanana Swami: Yes, so here is a life just based on sex life which is based on getting one entangled in complications. Here the complications took extreme forms but when the he goat was not faithful to his wife, then she took revenge as we can see and he suffered severely!

So material relationships are like that, because material relationships are self centred and it is basically based on:
“You are meant to serve my purposes and as long as you co operate with that then I love you, but if you don’t then you will have difficulty!”
Spritual life is different and of course if we would all be pure devotees then it would be totally different but we are not pure devotees therefore even in spiritual life some of these elements come in and then what do we do? …

Then at least bring as much Krishna, as much mercy into our life as we can get. Devotional service is causeless, that means you have no rights – you can say:
‘I am a South African citizen I have rights, I have rights!’
You can demand your right and people have over the years demanded their rights, protest marches “we want our rights” and people are protesting for their rights but when it comes to Krishna we have no rights we cannot say:
“You must give me mercy, it’s my rights”

No, its his mercy, it’s his causeless mercy and if He wants to give He gives if He doesn’t want to give He doesn’t give and yet this mercy is so great that He can take us to spiritual world a perfect world if He desires so but we cannot say “I have a right, I have a right to go to the spiritual world!”
We don’t, it’s entirely up to Krishna. Therefore mercy – mercy is what we require and mercy is that one element in our life that we must embrace – Not a member of the opposite sex! but mercy we must embrace- that is the intelligent thing to do and as much mercy as possible and if we somehow or other can take it more and more then we can change the whole situation around…

Transcribed by Madhumati Devi Dasi

(Kadamba Kanana swami, September 2010, Pretoria)

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