I know someone; he never takes prasadam with the devotees. In fact some people wonder:
“does he eat?”
Right? One of those devotees. Somebody who everyone questions:
“Does he actually ever eat?”
“Has anybody ever seen him eating?”
Nobody had ever seen him eating. So the rumour goes that he doesn’t eat.
But then two weeks ago, I happened to be in that temple and then I saw him walking with a bucket.
He had a bucket; plastic bucket, just walking with this bucket and then, somehow or other, he had to give me something… and I had a peek in the bucket.
On the bottom of the bucket, there was a whole big plate of maha-prasadam!
I caught him! I caught him, after all this time!
Taking prasadam after all and not admitting it – he’s an addict like all of us, right?!
Acting as if he’s totally oblivious, smuggling it into his room and whoofing the plate of maha-prasadam!
It’s impossible to not become enthusiastic about prasadam!
Impossible to not be enthusiastic in Krsna consciousness!
Everyone becomes enthusiastic in Krsna consciousness, sooner or later!
So, this is what it’s all about, and this is actually what Krsna consciousness is: Enthusiasm!

Transcribed by Frederick Prabhu
(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Sydney 2003)

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