Aatish: In our experience we love someone and if they don’t reciprocate we are upset.
With Lord Krsna, the conditioned souls, even though he loves them, the conditioned souls don’t reciprocate that love. So in one way he would be upset. Especially, if he takes everything on a personal relationship.

Kadamba Kanana Swami:

Aatish: Yes

Kadamba Kanana Swami: Will he be upset? No, because Krsna is not small minded. Krsna would not be upset, because he is not like us. He’s very broadminded. So, Krsna understands. He’s very deep. He understands why we are acting, the way we are acting; He understands why we have become lazy! He understands the power of the material energy; He understands our weakness. So, he is full of compassion. He understands – so no, he doesn’t become upset

Aatish: If he’s not affected by our relationship – the way we keep it with Him, then if we keep it nice with Him. Then are we actually increasing Krsna’s pleasure?

Kadamba Kanana Swami: He’s affected, but He’s not upset. He feels sadness, if we are not serving. But, He’s not like, you know, (Mimicking),
“Oh they are neglecting me, this is inconceivable. I’m God you know!” (laughter), “ Really I’m the Supreme Personality of Godhead! How can they neglect me! I mean really” (laughter) “ I won’t talk to them for 6 months – teach them a lesson!”
That’s not Krsna. That’s us! No Krsna is sad, but it’s a even deep sadness. It’s not a sudden mood of sadness. It’s a sadness that is there since a long time. And He’s patiently helping us along the way, because He knows it’s going to take time. So He has the full wisdom.

Aatish: Krsna’s got so many infinite servants and souls. If one soul does something for Him does His actual pleasure actually increase?

Kadamba Kanana Swami: Krsna has so many souls. They are in the spiritual world. His pleasure is so unlimitedly great, and the whole pleasure ocean in the spiritual world is so great, that it is totally blissful! But still Krsna wants every living being to also be part of it. And if one living being becomes part of it – one more, then Krsna’s pleasure becomes even greater then it was. And that ocean of love is still becoming greater and greater. It’s an amazing ocean!

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 31st August 2010)

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