Kadamba Kanana Swami: I want to speak about the slow leaking car tyre of our enthusiasm in Krsna consciousness:

“How are you, Prabhu?”
” Totally burned out, I haven’t read for days.”
“Quick, quick bring a book – How do you feel now?”
“I already feel a lot better.”
“ Read more, read more.”
“ Yes, yes, I feel ok. Yes, yes I think I am ready again, yes!”

We are using our hearing and chanting to pump up the poor slow leaking car tire of enthusiasm…
We use the association of devotees when we are almost finished.
Oh thank God, there is the festival.

In my first days in Krsna consciousness I use to live from Sunday feast to Sunday feast. Nobody bloops during the Sunday feast!
And I would keep a big stash for Monday, Turesday and even Wednesday there were some sweets left!
Thursday was hell and I was really thinking about leaving.
Friday, I was still thinking about leaving, but I was also thinking it’s almost Sunday!
Saturday was Harinam, that wasn’t so bad and there was next the Sunday feast!
So, in this way I barely survived my spiritual life.
So, it’s the problem of our leaking enthusiasm that always needs to be pump up.

Fortunately we have Swamis.
Yes, we have Swamis and they can pump up the leaking car tyre of our enthusiasm even though they are feeling a little tired of all the flying and all the latest tricks they are performing!


  1. Rukmini devi dasi on

    Just wondering what keeps "the Swamis'" tyres pumped up?