Mercy of Krishna is available in so many ways, there is a tree with many many fruits and some fruits are hanging on the lower branches and are within our reach and we can actually by standing on our toes and stretching we can go for it and grab them.

In this way the transformation and the change of our heart is not just a matter of being a part of this movement of just somehow or other following the basic process-

yes we maybe be following the basic process, four regulative principles , sixteen rounds and devotional service and all blessings will come, but all of the blessings that will come are that we will:
become more aware of where the mercy is.

We become more aware and we begin to see that our eyes will be opened and part of that awareness is that we begin to realise that: “I have to go after it”
“ I will have to go after it and if I don’t go after it I cannot expect that it will just come”

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 27th October 2010, Vrndavana)

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