In the Nectar of Devotion, it is mentioned that all service is based on principle of dasyam- the service attitude.
Dasyam can be divided into two types of servitorships; the one that is the general type of servitorship and the other is the mood of personal attendant.
If we serve Krsna in the general way then we think:
“Well, whatever is allowed in devotional service I will do that“
But the personal attendant says: ‘No! We can offer Krsna milk, water, lemon juice,.. but what is appropriate right now?“
According to the time of day, according to the season, according to the situation, different offering is appropriate. Personal attendant is always thinking what is Krsna’s need. He is not thinking just what is he allowed to do for Krsna.

We can just say:
“ Well, let’s read the label! Is it bonifide?“

“Yes, it is bonified“
“Ok, let’s have it!“

That is one approach…

The other approach is “Yes, but has it been cooked with love and devotion. Otherwise, has Krsna really accepted it?“

Krsna is not a machine. You just put everything that is vegetarian in front of Krsna, ring the bell:
“Ding, Ding“ ,
then come back in few minutes, clap your hands and there it is!!
No! We must become the personal attendants of Krsna . That is what is needed.

Transcribed by Savitri Devi Dasi
(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Melbourne 2009)

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